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Must-Have Luxury Tweed Sets: Elevate Your Dog's Style with Cashmere and Peppermint - Furry Tails

Must-Have Luxury Tweed Sets: Elevate Your Dog's Style with Cashmere and Peppermint

If you've ever felt that your precious fur baby deserves a splash of luxury, or if you've googled 'how to make my dog look as fab as me,' then oh boy, do I have a treat for you and your pup! Introducing the Cashmere and Peppermint Collections, the epitome of canine luxury designed just for your fur baby.


 Cashmere tweed dog walking set



Why Luxury in Dog Accessories?

Before you think luxury is just a word that's thrown around, hear me out. We, humans, get to enjoy the finest things in life, so why shouldn't our four-legged companions? They bring us joy, love, and even social media likes (let's be honest, your dog's pics get more likes than yours 😂).

Cashmere and Peppermint: The Pinnacle of Canine Luxury

Ladies, we're about to elevate not just your dog’s style but their entire life. I present to you the Cashmere and Peppermint Collections. Think of it as the little black dress for your pooch, but way better!


Why invest in these luxe collections? Because you're a fashion-forward dog mom who knows that style and quality matter. Period.


Peppermint tweed dog harness walking set


What Makes Tweed Luxurious?

The History of Tweed

When you hear tweed, you think of English countryside, hunting lodges, and maybe even Sherlock Holmes. But what makes this fabric scream luxury is its historical reputation for quality and durability.

Modern Twist to Tweed

Fast forward to 2023, and we've got a modern twist on tweed. It's not just for humans anymore; it's for our dogs who deserve to strut their stuff with the same class and sophistication.

Why Tweed?

Tweed is breathable, durable, and absolutely stunning to look at. It's the fabric that says, "I've arrived, now where's my puppuccino?" Check out our guide on choosing the perfect dog collar material to know why Tweed stands out.



Introduction to the Cashmere Collection

A Palette Inspired by Elegance

The Cashmere Collection comes in hues that scream sophistication. We're talking about a palette that would make even the most fashion-obsessed Instagram influencer jealous.


What’s in the Set?

  • Adjustable harness
  • Collar
  • Lead
  • Poop bag holder
  • Bow tie
  • Car seat belt attachment


Why Cashmere?

  1. High-Quality Fabric: This isn't your run-of-the-mill material. It's tweed that feels like a hug from grandma.
  2. Adjustable Harness: Your dog grows, but the harness adjusts. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Durable Accessories: These aren't just for show; they are built to last.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: This is high fashion but for dogs. Vogue, but make it canine.

 Cashmere tweed dog harness set with bow tie



Introduction to the Peppermint Collection

The Hue of Freshness

Imagine a color so refreshing you'd want to wear it. That's what the Peppermint Collection offers: a soft light green that brings to mind fresh mint leaves.


What’s in this Collection?

Just like Cashmere, we've got:

  • Adjustable harness
  • Collar
  • Lead
  • Poop bag holder
  • Bow tie
  • Car seat belt attachment


Why Choose Peppermint?

  1. Soft Light Green Hue: A color so luxe, it deserves its own runway.
  2. Versatile Poo Bag Holder: Not just for poop bags, it can hold treats or keys. Practicality meets style.
  3. Essential Car Seat Belt: Safety first, but make it fashion.
  4. Stylish Bow Tie: Your dog will break the internet, trust me.


Peppermint tweed dog walking set



Cashmere vs Peppermint: The Showdown

Choosing between Cashmere and Peppermint is like picking between red and white wine. Both are fabulous; it just depends on your taste. Whether it’s the deep, rich elegance of Cashmere or the fresh, lively spirit of Peppermint, you can't go wrong. Find more on our collections page to see how each fits into your lifestyle.


 Tweed bow ties for dogs, Cashmere and Peppermint collections


Why You Need These Sets

Style Factor

These aren't just accessories; they're statements. And they scream, "I care about my dog as much as I care about my OOTD."



These sets are as functional as they are gorgeous. For more on why functional fashion is essential, read our blog post about the importance of regular dog walks.



Made of tweed, these sets are in it for the long haul, just like your love for your fur baby.



Limited editions, ladies. Act fast, or live in FOMO forever.



Customer Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it; our satisfied customers and their picture-perfect pooches say it all. Photos of our furry fashionistas flaunting their Cashmere and Peppermint accessories are the real deal.


Peppermint tweed dog harnessCashmere tweed dog harness
Dogs wearing tweed dog harness set peppermint
Tweed dog harness




Whether it's the Cashmere Collection for those who love timeless elegance or the Peppermint Collection for those who want to add a pop of color to their life, these sets are the pinnacle of luxury for dog walking accessories.


You and your dog deserve the best. Elevate your daily walks and let your fur baby strut in style. Don't miss out; make that investment in your pet's comfort and style today by visiting our collections page.


Because remember, a stylish dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for an even happier human. 🐶💕

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  • Absolutely beautiful quality! We bought the whole bundle and it’s such fantastic value for money! When my pup has grown out of this set I will definitely order a new set from Furry Tails again! So pleased!

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  • Amazing quality, really good communication with the owners. Will definitely order the new designs xxx

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