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What to call your new puppy

What To Call Your New Puppy - A Complete Guide On Choosing A Dog Name


Hello, fellow dog-lover! Choosing the right name for your puppy is akin to picking a name for your child. It carries significance, heritage, and an opportunity for some creativity. In this article, we're diving deep into the art of naming our furry friends.


The History and Significance of Dog Names

Names aren't just labels we slap on to differentiate one canine from another. They have cultural significance and are a reflection of societal values and traditions.

  • Cultural significance and traditions: From ancient Egyptian canines named after gods to the rugged western names like “Rusty” in the American frontier, names have always carried meaning. Dogs often held roles of guardians, hunters, and even royalty.

  • Evolution of dog names over the years: As society grew, names like “Fido” (which means faithful in Latin) and “Rover” became popular, emphasizing the loyalty of the canine companion. Today, with the burst of pop culture, names like "Elsa" or "Thor" have become increasingly common.



Factors to Consider When Naming Your Puppy

Naming isn't as simple as picking your favourite celebrity name and going with it. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Personality and Behavior: Is your dog playful, or does it have a regal demeanor? Maybe "Rascal" or "Queen" could be fitting.

  • Physical Attributes: A golden retriever with a radiant coat? "Sunny" might just be apt!

  • Origin and Breed: Consider names like “Sheba” for an Ethiopian breed or "Akira" for a Japanese Shiba Inu.

  • Ease of Pronunciation: Keep it simple. “Princess Fluffington” might sound cute but can be a mouthful when you're calling her back in the park.

  • Future Growth: "Tiny" might suit your Great Dane puppy now, but think about a year down the line!

  • Unique vs. Common Names: While “Buddy” is a great name, having four “Buddies” in the same park can be confusing.



Methods for Choosing a Dog Name

Looking for inspiration? Here's where you can find it:

  • Inspiration from Favorite Books, Movies, or Characters: Potterheads, how about “Dobby” or “Sirius”? Star Wars fan? “Chewie” sounds good!

  • Names Based on Mythology or History: “Athena” for a wise pup or “Napoleon” for that small dog with a big personality.

  • Family or Personal Significance: A family name, or perhaps after a beloved memory or place.

  • Using Name Generators: There are online tools out there to help you decide!



List of Dog Name Suggestions

Can't decide? Here's a list to kickstart your brainstorming:

  • For Small Breeds: Pixie, Bubbles, Pippin
  • For Large Breeds: Titan, Bear, Everest
  • Gender-specific Names: Male - Max, Jack; Female - Bella, Lucy
  • Unisex Names: Jordan, Alex, Casey
  • Based on Color: Snowy, Midnight, Goldie
  • Names from Different Cultures: Hiro (Japanese for "generous"), Luna (Spanish for "moon")


Here's some ideas to get you started 


Male Dog Names Female Dog Names
Max Bella
Buddy Lucy
Charlie Daisy
Rocky Lola
Jack Sadie
Bear Molly
Duke Luna
Zeus Chloe
Sam Stella
Toby Maggie
Oscar Zoey
Leo Sophie
Jake Lily
Finn Ruby
Thor Roxy
Benji Bella
Rex Daisy
George Ella
Murphy Rosie
Bruno Penny




Tips on Teaching Your Puppy Their Name

It's crucial to ensure that your dog recognises its name. This aids in training and bonding:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward them with a treat or praise when they respond to their name.

  • Clear Distinction: Ensure commands and the dog's name sound different. You wouldn't want confusion between “Stay” and “Faye”.

  • Practice: Try calling them in different environments to ensure they always respond.



Things to Avoid

  • Avoid names that sound like common commands.
  • Steer clear of overly long or complicated names.
  • Try not to change names frequently, especially with older dogs. It can cause confusion and stress.



How a Dog’s Name Strengthens Your Bond

Naming isn't just a fun exercise. It's a fundamental aspect of your relationship with your pet. It establishes a sense of belonging, aids in training, and acts as a tool for communication.




The journey of naming your pup is beautiful, and it starts the bond that will last a lifetime. Dive deep, be creative, and most importantly, choose a name that resonates with both of you.

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Looking for more insights on dog care? Dive deep with our guides on dog nutrition, regular dog walks, and understanding dog behavior. The Furry Tails team has you covered!

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